Not only is your editorial (“No excuses, ban phones,” Feb. 5) spot on, it’s a “no brainer” that the Legislature has been remiss in acting upon for years.

It took a texting death on Interstate 84 a very few years ago before the Legislature finally banned texting while driving. Do we have to wait until someone else dies because a driver is blabbing on a cell phone or playing a game on the phone instead of paying attention? Sure, even hands-free cell phone use has been shown to be dangerous, but at least restricting these devices to hands-free use is a big step toward driving safety.

I read where some legislator proposed recently to amend the law to give police more discretion in citing drivers for inattentive driving, while at the same time still permitting non-hands-free phone use. To make matters worse, these geniuses also want to override existing laws such as Blaine County’s ban on handheld cell phone use while driving.

Again, as the power-grabbing legislators tried unsuccessfully to do a few years back in attempting to usurp cities’ zoning laws in favor of a state law likely promoted by lobbyists, they are now pushing to invalidate local safety measures. I cannot imagine what lobby stands to gain by failing to amend driving laws to outright ban all cell phone use while driving except for hands free and use by first responders actually engaged in an emergency response.

Please ask our local, highly qualified state representatives to try to convince their majority colleagues to stop playing games with commonsense traffic laws and enact the above bans as many states and local jurisdictions have done nationally.

Keith Saks, Sun Valley

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