Please don’t put the new Ketchum fire station between the YMCA (with families and children always present) and Northwood Place (affordable housing complex) and across from the Presbyterian Church (and its many events) on Saddle Road, which has a 25 mph speed limit!  Proposed plans also include a covered parking garage for Police Department vehicles, but no space for snow storage. 

     Please develop a site configuration for the new Ketchum fire station at the existing downtown location with the City Hall space included, if required. That space is close to Highway 75 and major thoroughfares, and the siren noise issue would be minimized!  From an architect’s viewpoint, Town Planning 101 would reverse the locations, putting the fire station downtown and community housing on Saddle Road, near the existing community housing.

     Please float a bond issue for the downtown location of the new Ketchum fire station, and give the Ketchum voters a choice!

Carolyn Wicklund, Ketchum

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