If it weren’t for Covid-19, we would have said personal goodbyes to our friends in Blaine County, both individually and collectively. We anticipated hugging those we were closest to and shaking hands with all who express friendship in that once-traditional way. However, with a pandemic hanging over everyone’s lives, we are saying our goodbyes through the Idaho Mountain Express and social distancing. We hope to return to Blaine County for occasional visits sometime in the future when more physical goodbyes will be safe for everyone.

We came to Blaine County, and fell in love with the Wood River Valley, in 1973. We have lived, loved, worked, and devoted our lives to helping Blaine County remain the place of dreams and hope that we first fell in love with, and moved to, all those years ago. Both of us have been involved in the community, its governments, its cultural and environmental organizations, and its exceptional people. It has been our honor to serve and to have participated with so many of you in preserving the community’s way of life.

In November of 2019, we sold our home of 46 years in the County; the snow and ice that we skied on 100 days a year and shoveled all winter when we were in our 40s had become less manageable when we were in our mid-80s. We bought a new home in Arizona in February and were planning to move there when Covid-19 changed everyone’s world. The move was postponed until mid-May and has now been completed.

We may be out of sight, but we hope we won’t be out of mind for those who would like to make use of our experience and history in Blaine County. If you call or e-mail, we will be happy to share what we learned and remembered. Blaine County, and our friends in this special place, will always be on our minds and in our hearts.

Please stay safe, healthy, and optimistic.

Carol and Len Harlig, Scottsdale, Arizona

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