The behavior of the Wood River High School students at Atkinson’s Market between 11:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. on school days is appalling. Pushing, shoving, shoplifting, general disorder and disrespectful behavior is something to witness. It has reached the point of Atkinson’s posting employees at each exit door to check bags of the students, as well as many posted in the aisles they frequent to watch them. Best not to try to shop during this 30 minute period; it’s impossible.

I have called the school the last two days to talk to the principal about her discussing this with the students. It would be fully in the right of the market to bar them access. I have not received a call back. The school secretary told me this is not their job to police students off campus. I would think the school would care about their reputation in the community.

I have lived in Blaine County since 1972. Seems like a sad comment that school manners and comportment have sunk to this level, and the school not willing to address it.

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