The anti-vaxers are holding the nation hostage. They are knowingly endangering innocent lives, especially those of our health care workers. They are negatively impacting the economy and livelihoods.

They are keeping us from a reasonably normal life. That’s unpatriotic! They say they are exercising their freedom— “freedom” doesn’t mean freedom from responsibility. If they believe “freedom isn’t free,” they should be willing to pay. Here’s how. They can be last in line, not first, for hospital beds, ventilators and health services. Because they choose to get sick and put others at risk, they don’t deserve those services. Rewarding bad behavior is unacceptable and counterproductive. They have made their bed, and it’s not a hospital bed. They should not be allowed on airplanes, in restaurants, schools, etc.

Its hateful (and illegal) to infect others with a disease. They want things to get back to normal but refuse to take the simplest steps to make it happen. They ignore polite asks and urgent pleas by their governor and medical professionals.

Do these people get their pets and livestock vaccinated?

Well, Darwin will sort it out: not pretty, but effective.

David Cannamela, Boise

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