Here’s my follow-up to the alert regarding the proposed Marriott Hotel to be built at the corner of Main and River streets in Ketchum. My first alert was printed in the July 31 issue of the Mountain Express. Since then, the interest in opposing this new hotel has increased by the hundreds. At this time there are two petitions being circulated, which gives the community’s citizens and voters an opportunity to voice their opinion regarding this important issue, which if passed, could change the heritage and charm of our community.

Think, do we want to become just another commercial resort? One of the petitions is being circulated by hand and the other online. People can sign the online petition to oppose the hotel by going to the website at Click “Search” and enter “Stop the Marriott in Ketchum.” There are already more than 200 signatures on that petition. The hand-out petition has 300 or more opposing signatures. These petitions also have citizen comments such as, “Why do we need another big hotel in Ketchum?” and “Why does our City Council repeatedly allow developers to have so many waivers, in this case increases in density, reduced setbacks and increased height limits?” And “Why isn’t it obvious to our council members that a hotel that size, 100 rooms, at the busiest intersection in Ketchum, will be a serious traffic hazard?”

Pat Duggan, Ketchum

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