We are standing up for fundamental American principles of fairness and justice in support of our immigrant and refugee friends, neighbors and co-workers. The United States is a nation of immigrants, both voluntary and involuntary, and recognizing this fact, we stand with those who are targets of racial discrimination in our country.

Many of our Latino friends and neighbors across the country are terrified—regardless of documentation status. We stand and work together to help build safe, just and welcoming communities for all. We celebrate what the Latino community brings to this country, and we support those working to protect the basic human rights of immigrants by engaging in education, outreach and advocacy at local, state and national levels.

Latino families—like all families—want the best possible future for their children. They hold values deeply rooted in culture, faith, education, courage and hard work. Many local businesses, classrooms and youth programs, as well as an extraordinary workforce, are led by our Latino neighbors, and they are crucial to what makes our beautiful community thrive.

To the impacted community in this valley and around the country, the undersigned organizations and individuals say: If you are afraid for your safety, if you worry that your parent or child may be taken away from you, please know we will support you in any way we can. We stand in solidarity with you with the recognition that your participation in this community makes us all better.

If you are interested in adding your name to this letter, please email info@thehungercoalition.org. Your name will be added to our website. If you would like to know what you can do to help support impacted communities, please email immigrationallianceofidaho@gmail.com. Thank you.

Organizations signing on to this letter:

  • Alliance of Idaho
  • Blaine County School District
  • Flourish Foundation
  • Founder of 100 Men Who Care, Marty Lyon
  • Girls on the Run of Southern Idaho
  • Indivisible Blaine County
  • Nosotros United
  • Sun Valley Center for the Arts
  • The Advocates
  • The Community Library
  • The Hunger Coalition
  • Wood River YMCA
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church
  • The Rev. Lea Colvill, Emmauel Episcopal Church
  • Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns
  • Blaine County Commissioner Jacob Greenberg
  • Blaine County Commissioner Angenie McCleary
  • Bellevue City Council President Kathryn Goldman
  • Carey City Council President Lane Durtschi
  • Hailey City Council President Martha Burke
  • Ketchum City Council President Michael David
  • Sun Valley City Council President Keith Saks
  • Idaho state Sen. Michelle Stennett, District 26
  • Idaho state Rep. Muffy Davis, District 26
  • Idaho state Rep. Sally Toone, District 26
  • Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw
  • Star Law Office
  • Community volunteers and leaders: Barbara and Chuck Corwin, Carol and Len Harlig, Robin Leavitt and Terry Friedlander, Marcia and Don Liebich, Herbert Romero, Barbara Thrasher.
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