The current pandemic has gone on long enough, and we have a glimmer of hope that it will all end soon as more and more Idahoans get vaccinated. To move this process steadily forward, we must come together as a community and we must go back to our Idaho way of life, where we worked together and supported each other in our most trying times.

Idahoans are desperate to get the vaccine, many of those are senior citizens who have made an appointment to get their first dose only to be told that they must wait. Others are confused on where to turn and who to call to get on the list so they might be next. My fellow Idahoans, it is my hope they can turn to you. As you read this now, I hope you are thinking of ways you can lend a hand to your neighbors. Whether it be help with getting the vaccine or a doctor’s appointment. Let us rally together today to call on our elderly neighbors and senior centers, our veterans, our non-English speaking communities, and the disadvantaged to help them navigate the vaccination process. We need to set aside our differences and be part of the solution.

We need to focus on getting more people vaccinated and doing it quickly. Governor Little recently published a helpful source that tracks where the vaccines are going, and who we can turn to for immunization. I encourage you to look at that detailed information and then reach out to someone you know who falls in the identified criteria and help them get vaccinated. I am grateful for Governor Little’s leadership in this turbulent time. I am also thankful for our nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and others who are working long hours to keep the lines moving forward at the vaccine distribution locations.

Please do not confuse what I am saying, I dao not support a mandate on vaccinations. However, I strongly support vaccines, they not only protect you, but they protect your parents, your children, your community, and our country. By getting at least 70% of the state vaccinated, we will be able to end our community health orders and get back to enjoying the life we had before, a life we all desperately miss.

My family and I will be getting the vaccine just as soon as we can, and I will support the Governor in his efforts to get the vaccine to you. There is an old phrase, “We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.” But if the “tunnel” is the pandemic and the “light” is the vaccine, the only way we get through this is by rallying together for the common good and for public health.

Together, we are the light at the end of that tunnel.

Rep. Laura Lickley (R-Jerome) represents District 25 in the Idaho Legislature.

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