The actions of the Biden Administration announced on Thursday are completely unacceptable. Their decision to impose a government mandated medical procedure is unconstitutional. This is one more example of dangerous federal encroachment in the lives of everyday Americans. For weeks, I have addressed the importance of keeping the government out of the relationship between employers and employees as much as possible. More importantly, however, is protecting the inherent value of medical decisions remaining between individuals and their medical provider. The actions of the Biden Administration fly in the face of all we hold dear in Idaho. They contradict our deeply held values of personal responsibility, individual freedoms and limited government.

Many other governors and state legislatures are taking steps to block these unconstitutional mandates. As the Speaker of the House, I too, will actively pursue and support any and all efforts to block this massive federal overreach. I will work with my legislative colleagues to take unilateral action wherever necessary to prevent this from occurring in our great state.

Rep. Scott Bedke, R-Oakley, is the Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives.

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