On behalf of all Blaine County School District employees and school board trustees we want to take this opportunity to express our recognition of and support for this community’s strong stand against racism in all of its ugly manifestations.

Although this district is aware of and works hard to confront racism and meet our obligation to treat all students with equal respect and dignity, we recognize that we have not always met that obligation. Racism anywhere in our society is unacceptable and particularly so in our educational institutions where today’s students are acquiring the knowledge and skills they need to be tomorrow’s productive citizens. While we strive to keep our schools free of racial bias of any kind, our good intentions alone are insufficient. We also know that we are judged by what we achieve, not by what we intend. We can and we must do better in dealing with this festering problem.

We need to listen, learn and seize every opportunity to improve our system and our practices. Every complaint about racist policy, practice, procedure or behavior in our district needs to be reported, investigated and, where verified, corrected quickly and appropriately. We invite your comments, complaints and reports of racist behavior by anyone in our schools, students and teachers alike. Please be assured that we will treat your communications with complete confidentiality.

We support student efforts to call attention to and eradicate racism in our schools individually and through student groups such as Nosotros United. We will redouble efforts to help our staff recognize and confront racist behavior in our schools whenever, wherever and however it may occur, through the WRHS Equity Task Force, the BCSD Equity Advisory Committee, inclusive classrooms, school board policies and specialized training programs. The Blaine County School District is, above all, a professional learning community entrusted with the education of our nation’s most precious resource: tomorrow’s citizens. We will continue in earnest to inspire and enable all students to achieve at the highest possible levels without regard to race or national origin. We should and will be held accountable for any failure to meet our commitment to providing equal opportunity for all students to learn, to grow and to achieve.

R. Keith Roark, chairman, board of trustees, GwenCarol Holmes, Ed. D., superintendent, John Pearce, principal, Wood River High School, Mark Sauvageau, principal, Bellevue Elementary, Mike Glenn, principal, Silver Creek High School, Brad Henson, principal, Alturas Elementary School, John Peck, principal, Carey School, Tish Short, principal, Ernest Hemingway STEAM School, Toni Boush, principal, Hailey Elementary School.

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