Blaine County has had a voice in policymaking and leadership in the Idaho Statehouse, primarily in the Idaho State Senate, for just short of 60 years.

Perception about the economics, culture, and politics of Blaine County around the state and in the Capitol are, often, inaccurate. The county enjoys an economic blend of tourism, recreation, agriculture and world-recognized events. It is an extraordinarily diverse place that is best represented by people who have a deep respect for, an appreciation of, and an understanding/knowledge of its citizens. When elected, we must serve everyone, not a party, not one group. When silenced, ignored, or shut out of proper Constitutional process, everyone loses their voice, all parties. Blaine County could be forgotten and ignored in policy making decisions if we are represented by those who do not know our county. In these difficult times, we cannot hand over that power, that voice.

Our new legislative district now includes Blaine, Lincoln, and Jerome Counties. Others outside of Blaine County have been quoted saying that they do not have anything in common with our county. They have expressed that they do not want to represent or understand our economy or needs. Republican Rep. Laurie Lickley, who is running for District 26 Senate seat, is among them.

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