Our business is the business of the outdoors, and as such, Sun Valley Co. values and appreciates the open space and land around the resort. The growth of the resort and the entire Sun Valley community is based on a passion for the outdoors. Whether it be hiking Ruud and Proctor mountains next to one of the oldest chairlifts in the world or skinning up Dollar Mountain in the evening for sunset, there is much to appreciate in Sun Valley, and both the Holding family and Sun Valley Co. continue to support the growth as well as the preservation of this special community.

The current issue before the Sun Valley City Council is part of an ongoing process of comprehensive land-use planning in the city of Sun Valley. It is the last step in updating the Sun Valley land use map and the zoning map to match the 2015 Sun Valley comprehensive plan, which was approved by the Sun Valley Planning and Zoning Commission and adopted by Sun Valley Council resolution in September 2015. The plan was a product of more than a year’s worth of Citizens Steering Committee meetings, public hearings, citizen surveys and workshops.

Sun Valley Co.’s position is one of good faith in holding up our end of the deal agreed upon in the 2015 city of Sun Valley comprehensive plan. That plan includes an agreement that transferred the development potential from Penny Hill and Penny Pasture to Prospector Hill. Or more simply, Sun Valley Co. agreed to retain the pastoral nature of the “gateway” between the iconic Red Barn and Sun Valley Village, with the understanding that development potential be moved to another area of land owned by the company, Prospector Hill. That consensus was made with the understanding that the reclassification of Prospector Hill would be upheld.

Sun Valley Co. is committed to that agreement and to the density outlined in the comprehensive plan, which is 32 single-family and 60 multi-family units on the northeast side of Elkhorn Road and 20 multi-family units on the southwest side of Elkhorn Road, 112 units in total. This is the final step in a comprehensive plan process that began in 2013, and was ultimately approved by the Sun Valley Planning and Zoning Commission and adopted by resolution of the Sun Valley City Council.

Our goal is to continue to support the healthy economic growth of the community and to uphold the integrity of our partnership with the city of Sun Valley. This longstanding relationship, and the Holding family’s commitment to acting in good faith, will live on beyond Thursday’s City Council meeting. And our hope is that the city of Sun Valley and its residents understand the entirety of the situation and our position on the matter.

To access and read through the Sun Valley comprehensive plan (updated in 2015), please visit the public record document at bit.ly/38TZ1fv.

Thank you from the entire Sun Valley Co., and we hope this season continues to be as safe, healthy and enjoyable as possible for you and your family.

Tim Silva is president and general manager of the Sun Valley Company.

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