The need for housing that is affordable for local residents has a long history in the Wood River Valley. The pandemic and subsequent demograph… Read more

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As we enter a new school year with the pandemic still creating uncertainty, I remain optimistic because I know that our school leaders share my commitment to providing the best conditions for learning possible in their districts and charter schools. Our educators are working hard to make sur…

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Hikers are flooding our public lands, so I ask the question: Why can’t people just leave the poor rocks alone?

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The article “Baldy gets a trim to improve forest health” (published July 23) perpetuates the Forest Service’s misleading and scientifically inaccurate “Forest Health” claims. Thinning out large trees and re-planting different species may open up skiable terrain but it will not make the fores…

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In late August 1776, the British redcoats routed George Washington’s Continental Army in the Battle of Brooklyn, capturing, wounding and killing more than 2,000 American troops. Washington and his remaining soldiers were surrounded by the Brits with the East River to their backs.

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“It’s like having gasoline out there,” said Brian Steinhardt, forest fire zone manager for Prescott and Coconino national forests in Arizona, in a recent AP story about the increasingly fire-prone West.

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I am writing to you regarding the critical need for affordable workforce housing in the Wood River Valley. The limited availability of affordable housing to rent or own is a challenge felt by our community and significantly impacts the ability to recruit and retain employees at St. Luke’s Wo…

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This week the Blaine County School District will launch the most audacious summer learning program in its history. This bold initiative is directly aimed at bridging learning gaps created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The stakes have never been higher for our county’s kids. And the district and …

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The ballot initiative is Idahoans’ voice. It’s the only mechanism for the people to enact laws when legislators won’t listen. This session, ballot initiative rights were put on the chopping block, and GOP politicians swung the axe. Despite overwhelming citizen opposition (out of 5,000 calls …