Abystander that pushes a person off the railroad tracks and saves that person from being killed by a speeding locomotive normally would earn the thanks and eternal gratitude of the almost-victim.

But if the train were invisible, the almost-victim might think he or she had been attacked for no reason and respond by attacking the perceived attacker.

A handful of people in north Idaho have responded to Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s stay-at-home order, which flattened the curve of the COVID-19 coronavirus, by filing a petition to recall him from office. To get a recall on the November ballot, the group must gather 183,500 signatures of registered voters by Aug. 11.

The move is misguided and misinformed.

The group is accusing Little of abusing citizen rights and liberty “in the most egregious manner.” Its web page calls him arrogant and alleges that he declared an extreme emergency “when one did not, in fact, exist.”

It is hopping mad that the governor’s order closed businesses, quarantined healthy people and “refused to adjust accordingly as the situation proved to be less dire than predicted.”

The coronavirus emerged here in Blaine County in March. It sickened 514 people with jaw-dropping speed and killed five. Many more who were not tested because they didn’t fit the virus profile at the time were also infected.

Blaine County is small. Everyone knew someone who was sick. Everyone read accounts by emergency room doctors who came down with the virus. Everyone saw that the local hospital had to transfer patients to hospitals elsewhere.

Recall backers didn’t see what Blaine County residents saw. They didn’t have to cope with too few tests and long lines for what tests there were. They had no fear of becoming infected or infecting someone else when shopping, skiing or dining out.

Recall backers saw only the economic impacts of the governor’s order. If they had seen what Blaine County saw, they wouldn’t think of recalling the governor. The virus is a lot more menacing when it’s visible. It is impossible to dismiss. The need to fight it in every possible way is frighteningly apparent.

Gov. Little shouldn’t be recalled. He should be thanked for his courage in using the legal power of his office to protect the health and safety of Idahoans when the dangers posed by the virus became clear.

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