The list of essential workers to whom Americans are indebted is a long one this Thanksgiving. When the pandemic is over, the everyday people who fought the crisis with everything they had will go down in history as American heroes.

Others more rightly should have their names emblazoned on a wall of shame.

Some of those names will include members of the South Central Public Health District governing board. Last week in a third 5-4 vote, they refused to use their power under the law to mandate lifesaving face coverings in the eight counties they serve, which includes Blaine County.

These members rejected masks: Twin Falls County Commissioner Brent Reinke, Cassia County Commissioner Bob Kunau, Lincoln County Commissioner Roy Hubert, Linda Montgomery of Jerome County and Helen Edwards of Gooding County.

Gov. Brad Little passed the buck for protecting Idahoans to the health districts. The five SCPHD board members ducked their duty.

They saw the speeding COVID-19 train headed to crush Idahoans in its way. Instead of using all their might to rescue them, they just whispered that it might be a good idea to step out of the way.

Instead of acting on science, they bought in to a lunatic stew of superstition and political nonsense.

The wildly escalating numbers of infections did not matter to the board members, nor did the pleas of doctors who said hospitals are on the brink of collapse.

The board members ran from the mission to protect public health. Their cowardice sentenced untold numbers of their neighbors to death, disability and needless suffering.

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