Businesses and employees in the Sun Valley area are trying to navigate through strong headwinds. Sun Valley Economic Development’s Economic Summit on Monday in Sun Valley is where they may pick up better navigation skills and make connections to help them succeed.

With numbers of local businesses declining, a critical shortage of affordable housing and a corresponding shortage of employees, better navigation skills are in order. They need to be paired with support from local elected officials and non-government organizations.

SVED’s goal for Monday’s summit is to find ways to bridge the gap between the perception of life in the area as comfortable and laid back with the realities of low wages in the hospitality industry and local workers’ very real struggle to survive.

It’s a gap in understanding that grows wider every year, as more people with outside and relatively outsized incomes seek to claim the beautiful Sun Valley area without understanding how it works. It’s like owning a watch without knowing that water may short out the battery or that it will stop without winding.

The Wood River Valley is not Wall Street. People don’t come here to work believing that they will make a fortune. They simply seek to live fulfilling lives. Their “fortune” lies in everyday access to mountain life.

Once a year is not too much for everyone here to take a short day, examine what makes the local economy tick and chart ways to foster a cohesive and healthy community where people of all stripes can live rewarding lives.

Don’t miss the discussions. Examine the newspaper’s Economic Almanac published earlier this week, go to the summit and help make life here better for everyone.

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