Senior White House immigration adviser Stephen Miller’s own words exposed him as a racist xenophobe. He should resign. If he doesn’t, he should be fired.

Neither of those things will happen, so the American people should pointedly reject the pretense that President Donald Trump or his supporters care about fixing our immigration system.

Last week, buried under the impeachment hearings, news stories reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center had revealed leaked emails that Miller sent to Breitbart in 2015 and 2016. In them, Miller pushed his pro-white nationalist, anti-immigration beliefs to the far-right website.

The Southern Poverty Law Center report isn’t a surprise. Miller has always been out there in public since his days as an ultra-conservative provocateur at California’s Santa Monica High School.

Public safety, including anti-terrorism tropes, are frequent ruses that Miller and the White House use to rationalize anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic, anti-immigration, white nationalist policies. Miller’s emails simply validate his deep affinity for extremist groups that push those ideologies.

An example of the links that Miller sent to Breitbart during the presidential campaign was that of VDARE, a white nationalist anti-immigration foundation that posts racist and inflammatory statements like, “There’s ethnic specialization in crime. …”

Miller also values the misinformation of anti-immigration “think” tanks like the Center for Immigration Studies. Responding to CIS information he pushed, Breitbart blared the Jan. 6, 2016, headline, “Report: Dramatic Increase in the Number of U.S. Babies Named Muhammad.”

Miller is Trump’s brain when it comes to all things immigration and when it comes to all things not white. He is the adviser most responsible for the cruel, racist and ultimately un-American actions such as child separation and mass undocumented roundups.

A functional system for vetting, processing and integrating immigrants into the country is necessary. The U.S. doesn’t have one, even though it could.

None of this matters to Miller. None of it shapes the policies and processes he advocates or helps implement. He is only interested in having white people influence, shape and, especially, control America and its future.

Miller has the ear of the president. He should not have the ear of the American people. Neither should Trump when it comes to anything about refugees and immigrants. We can do better than fall for their white nationalist version of the United States.

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