Sirens are sounding, but we humans are ignoring them. Earth is calling 911 and no one is responding.

Underwater divers would never think of putting a kink in their air hose. They would shudder at the thought.

They wouldn’t think of filling their air tanks with carbon dioxide. They know it would be suicide.

Yet, the human race has a kink developing in its air hose, and its air tank is filling up with greenhouse gases. America is behaving as though nothing is wrong, even as the situation is becoming more dire every day.

Case in point: The Trump administration last week announced plans to open 9 million acres of sage grouse habitat in the West to drilling and mining at the behest of the energy industry.

With supreme ignorance, it opened the door to more poisonous gases in the atmosphere the same week that scientists announced that gas emissions have reached the highest levels on record.

Apparently, we humans have become so separated from nature that we may have lost our sense of self-preservation.

Disappearing sage grouse are just a symptom of human-caused climate change that is decimating the ability of the Earth to support life.

Unlike divers, humans will not be able to breath from another’s air tank to survive. We will not be able to surface to reach clean air.

Scientists say the oceans are heating up far faster than was first calculated. They now estimate that humans have a dozen years until the globe reaches a temperature-hike tipping point from which it can’t recover.

We humans must end our denial, hear the sirens and write congressmen, senators and energy companies to demand change. Human life is on the line now.

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