Role models set the stage for success by embodying what might be. Seniors from Wood River High School should be commended for making the effort last week to be that kind of inspiration.

The beaming faces of sixth-graders at Hemingway STEAM School, shown in the front-page photo of last Friday’s Idaho Mountain Express, attest to the impact of a visit by Wood River High School graduates at that and other elementary schools in the district not pictured.

Author of inspirational quotes William Arthur Ward wrote, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.” If these sixth-graders can see a graduate, they can be a graduate.

Before school that day, these seniors were just the older siblings or kids the young students see around town. Suddenly, gleaming white caps and gowns and the high school’s colors transform them into something more. The event made high school graduation visible to elementary and middle school students.

Rather than the abstract goal so valued by parents and teachers, being a graduate means the younger students will get to wear something special, do something special and be something special by achieving that abstract graduation goal.

Seniors rush from one activity to another in the calendar-packed last weeks of high school. They made time for this important event.

Pulling off these visits must have seemed like just one more thing for teachers and administrators slammed with too many deadlines and too little time. They deserve extra kudos for taking it on.

There is no way to know which child will be inspired by these role models and which will barely remember them. No matter.

 For everyone who was involved, and the communities in which the participants live, it was a good day at school.

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