Idaho Republicans have a fantastic opportunity in their 2022 primary election. With their votes, they can show the world who the people of the state really are—and who they are not.

They can do this by voting against anti-government activist Ammon Bundy, who has filed to run for governor.

Five years ago, Bundy led a 41-day armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. A jury acquitted him of all charges.

Despite that, he has demonstrated little respect for the legal system and the law.

He used the pandemic to build his anti-government People’s Rights group, which supports its own version of “constitutional rights” and opposes emergency powers for governors and mask mandates. Bundy has called for armed defense of those “rights.”

In July 2020, a video showed him shoving through doors and pushing aside staffers who tried to prevent him from getting into a health district meeting that was live-streamed but closed to the public by order of the governor.

In August 2020, members of the People’s Rights group stormed the Idaho Capitol gallery overlooking the House floor and disrupted the Legislature’s special session.

The next day, Bundy tied himself to a chair and refused to leave an empty auditorium in the Capitol. He was arrested and still faces misdemeanor charges for trespassing, and resisting and obstructing officers.

Despite being served a notice of no trespass, he returned to the Capitol the next day. Police removed him again.

Bundy is not Idaho. Republicans should give him that message loud and clear by rejecting his candidacy next year.

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