A wave of lawlessness has rolled into Ketchum and Sun Valley this summer in the form of roving cyclists who scoff at traffic laws. It’s time to stop that wave and make the streets and sidewalks safer by putting local cops on bikes for part of every day.

The worst violations of traffic laws would require issuing citations. However, the bulk of law enforcement’s duties in this regard would be to educate cyclists on how to safely ride on city streets and paths, and to make motorists aware of the legal presence of cyclists on the same streets.

Putting cops on bikes would also put law enforcement officers into close contact with people in the communities they serve, which is always a good thing.

This year, telling the latest horror story of a vehicle-cyclist encounter or a pedestrian-cyclist experience is like throwing dynamite into an avalanche chute. Stories accumulate, gain speed and pretty soon people are shouting about how something needs to be done before someone is needlessly killed.

Similar stories are repeated every day, often with different main characters. One story involves a cyclist who passed a car stopped at an intersection on the blind right side, swerved in front of the car, then flipped off the driver as the light turned green and it began to drive across the intersection.

Another involves cyclists riding on sidewalks as if pursued by demons and with no regard for the pedestrians, who can’t see or hear cyclists coming from behind. And so on and so forth.

It’s time for Ketchum and Sun Valley to be proactive and stop some accidents before they happen by putting cops on bikes.

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