It’s time for Main Street to push back.

It’s time for businesses step in and stop the madness that is allowing COVID-19 to spread unchecked in Idaho and forcing hospitals to choose who will get treatment and who won’t.

Vaccinations are the solution, but too many Idahoans and other Americans have refused them. Only 50.6% of eligible Idahoans are vaccinated. In Blaine County, the total is 92.51%.

Blaine County’s winter economy depends on skiers and snowboarders. An economy that depends on sports in which participants may be injured can ill afford to have hospital care rationed.

Local businesses should follow the lead of four teams in the National Football League that now require fans to show proof of vaccination to get into games. They should take a page from the program of Broadway theaters in New York where audience members must show proof as well.

People who refuse vaccines say it is their right. Others have rights, too. One of these is to control access to private property.

All restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers in the Sun Valley area should require customers to show vaccine cards and refuse entry to those who do not. This should include supermarkets. The unvaccinated can get groceries delivered.

Sun Valley Resort should require all winter pass holders and lift-ticket buyers to show proof of vaccination as well.

Local businesses must draw a line in the sand or the coming winter could be more miserable and deadly than the last.

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