The rampaging infection of partisanship has morphed into attacks on the most nonpartisan government function, mail delivery. Voters must rise up immediately to stop those attacks because not just the mail but voting is at stake.

For years, Republicans have made the odd argument that the U.S. Postal Service should make a profit. Government functions aren’t supposed to make a profit. The constitutional mandate for the post office precedes even a standing army, which no one argues should turn a profit.

Newly named Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has turned this argument into an existential threat to the post office. He has made policy changes, overtime cuts and 23 leadership position changes in the name of efficiency.

More than 500 mail sorting machines have been removed. The familiar blue mail drop boxes are being removed in urban and rural states. The consequences, which DeJoy characterized as “unintended,” are slowed general and express mail deliveries.

With less than 80 days until the November election and an expected massive increase in voting by mail this year, 46 states have received warnings from the Postal Service counsel that mailed ballots may not reach their destinations in time.

Messing with the mail is banana republic bureaucratic dirty tricks stuff.

DeJoy is a major Trump donor with no experience but lots of loyalty. Trump constantly repeats his totally baseless claim that vote by mail will result in massive election fraud and refuses to support funding to help the Postal Service do this job.

White House advisor Larry Kudlow characterized voting rights, the cornerstone of democracy, as “really liberal, left wish lists.” It’s an appalling sentiment for any American.

The United States used to be called in to monitor first-time elections in brand new democracies. Trump and his lackies are arguing that America’s voting is so broken that he shouldn’t have to accept the results.

Nothing could have prepared Americans for the anti-voting efforts underway, including suppressing votes by destroying the post office, the government institution that makes all parts of this vast country equally connected.

Protest these attacks on the post office and mail-in voting. No matter your party affiliations, write or call your secretary of state, attorney general and congressional representatives. Urge your family and friends to do the same.

If you vote by mail, do so as early as possible. If not, get to the polls no matter what. Without fair and open voting processes, Americans will have to stop pretending we live in a free country.

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