The Sun Valley area is experiencing a golden age of performing arts. At no time in its past has it had the stunning wealth and range of high-caliber performances that just keep coming today.

Nothing like this exists anywhere else in Idaho.

Audiences can access anything from big-name performers to less famous or up-and-coming virtuosos.

Ticket prices are mostly modest. In comparison to what it would cost Idahoans for a plane ticket, meals, lodging and performances in the nation’s entertainment-packed cities, tickets are a steal.

Local audiences also have the unique opportunity to travel a wilderness trail in the morning, take in a world-class performance in the evening and depart under the dark canopy of the Milky Way. Nothing like this exists elsewhere in the world.

The journey that brought the Sun Valley area to this point began 40 years ago. It began with Sun Valley Co.’s ice shows, which attracted both Olympic medalists and up-and-coming skaters as headliners. Then, the creation of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities by local residents laid a foundation and created a healthy structure for many artistic pursuits.

Thereafter, in fits and starts, local performing arts groups operating on goodwill and a shoestring put together indoor and outdoor performances ranging from country-western bands to symphonies and from one-act plays to full musicals.

Organizations then specialized and laid keystones for success. They include the nexStage Theatre, Sun Valley Music Festival, Sun Valley Opera, Company of Fools, the Sun Valley Pavilion and the Argyros Performing Arts Center.

Today, their performers heap delight upon audiences. Catching just a handful of their talented wonder enlivens minds and enriches days. It can stay with individuals for a lifetime.

What a fortunate time it is to have them in the valley and in Idaho. Don’t miss out.

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