There’s more to health care than simply fixing problems after they occur. Modern humans tied to technology for both work and play have discovered in recent years that exercise, healthy eating and breaks for quiet contemplation are as important for health as some drugs.

The discovery is not news to the organizers of the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, which is underway through Monday.

For decades, a mechanistic view of human health prevailed within the scientific medical community. The human body was a machine that with proper oiling would work well. The brain was simply the switching station for electrical processes that drove the body.

Thanks to lots of research and the efforts of groups like the Wellness Festival, that view has given way to a holistic view of health in which body and mind are equal partners in healthy living.

The festival was ahead of its time. With speakers and workshops, the festival long advocated the idea that a healthy life involved more than avoiding illness.

For 22 years, the nonprofit festival lent its efforts to bringing together science, medicine, technology, exercise and spiritual practices and to demonstrating that they are part of a healthy whole.

From humble beginnings, the festival has become a forum for world-class researchers and speakers on matters that affect health, life and the mind. Every year, it introduces participants to the latest research and proven practices that can heal, enrich and extend lives.

It attracts more than 1,500 participants to its lectures and workshops. It’s a singular opportunity for discovery.

Don’t miss it.

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