Unlike in less prosperous communities, need hides in the Sun Valley area.

It walks among us. It wears camouflage within our forested slopes. Its pain lives behind smiles. A diamond-studded blanket of snow and wealth muffles its cries.

Yesterday’s Giving Tuesday capped the two-day kickoff of the holiday season’s frenzied consumption fest that included Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today’s newspaper special section, Valley Nonprofits, launches the community guide to giving for the rest of the month.

Begun seven years ago, Giving Tuesday was intended to make giving for the good of others and important causes register strongly in the minds of consumers as something as worthy as spending on goods and services.

Nothing is better than to fill hungry bellies with food or to slake the thirst for knowledge of the arts and sciences.

Nothing is better than to warm the cold or to protect the innocent from harm.

Nothing is better than to support those working to save our communities from the onslaught of climate change.

Nothing is better than putting a smile on the face of a child.

Generosity makes these things possible.

December is the last month that donations from taxpayers who itemize deductions can have donations to nonprofit organizations count toward reducing taxable income and lowering tax bills. While this is a nice benefit, giving shouldn’t depend upon receiving a tax deduction.

No matter how little, everyone has something to give—time, money or just a kind word or helping hand extended to someone who may be struggling.

Whatever you can give, give it. Even small acts of kindness make our world a better place.

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