With a cure for the pandemic in sight, Americans have had enough of sitting on the sidelines. It’s time the federal government enlisted American know-how to get COVID-19 coronavirus vaccines shot into the arms of citizens.

In record time, scientists developed and tested the vaccines, which are highly effective against the virus. With enough effort, the vaccines could be delivered and administered in record time as well.

Leaders at the federal level need to corral critical players and resources and draft and execute a plan.

Instead, the federal government under the Trump administration is wallowing. It is behaving as though its job was done when the Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccines.

Spokesmen have said that the last leg of vaccine delivery is the job of 50 separate states. That’s nothing less than a plan to fail, to prolong the grip of the virus and to let more people suffer and die.

Given the complexity that scientists had to contend with to develop the vaccine, delivery ought to be the easy part. Yet, it stalled late last December because logistics were left to states and private companies that had zero experience with the massive task of getting vaccines to 328 million Americans.

America really does need to become great again—and it can. Leaders at the federal level need to exercise the power they have to get the job done.

The nation has what it needs: planning talent, vital agencies, technology, companies that can execute delivery and people who can safely administer the vaccines—or be trained to do so. All would jump at the chance.

The ghastly lack of organization at the top has left people in limbo and vaccine vials sitting on the shelf. The virus rages on and the nation’s chief executive is spending his time on the golf course.

On day one, the Biden administration should be prepared to bring Americans together to execute a vaccine “moonshot” and get people immunized in short order. It’s the nation’s best hope for getting out of this mess.

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