The Sun Valley area is a smorgasbord for fun hogs. It’s not known for its math skills or building rockets to the moon, but it is really, really good at having fun and doing it safely.

Summer is the busiest time of year. For some reason that researchers may never find funding to explore, very smart people who come to enjoy the area sometimes forget to bring their safety smarts.

Whole families ride around with no bike helmets. That makes bashing brains out on a rock or on pavement a real possibility. Don’t do it.

Perfectly sane adults walk with traffic and risk ending up as an unwitting hood ornament. Don’t do it.

Perfectly intelligent adults ride bicycles against traffic, violate every traffic rule in the book and risk getting run over by cars and trucks. Don’t do it.

 Even after last year’s Sharp’s Fire east of the Wood River Valley, lots of shooters believe the claims of exploding target manufacturers that the shrapnel does not ignite dry vegetation. Baloney.

Worse, people who start wildfires can be charged with crimes and sometimes end up footing the bill, not to mention ruining the summer of thousands of people. Don’t even think about it.

Hot weather makes cold water inviting for boaters, floaters and water-skiers. The water looks benign. It’s easy to think that a little dip without a personal flotation device is no big deal. It can be a deadly deal. Don’t do it.

It’s easy to pack nothing, throw caution to the wind and hit the trail on a beautiful Idaho summer day—no sunscreen, no bug spray, no spare jacket, no water, no snacks, no hat, no first-aid kit. Don’t do it. Pack light, but pack it.

Local experts want everyone to have fun this summer and return to do it again. Be smart and be safe out there. Just do it.

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