Idahoans are needlessly dying. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Medical professionals are being forced to decide which critically ill patients hospitals will treat and which they won’t.

Chronically ill patients are being refused treatments they need when they need them.

In the middle of all this, Idaho Gov. Brad Little is rattling the pages of law books and threatening to sue the federal government to try to overturn President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates?

In September 2021, down is up and up is down. Black is white and white is black. Little has become a leader who won’t lead.

If COVID-19 were a huge foreign army invading the nation, Idahoans would be enlisting in the armed forces in droves and Congress would be reinstituting the draft.

Instead, unvaccinated Idahoans are whining about “rights,” making up medical fictions and refusing to attack the invaders even though they have weapons in the form of vaccines.

In even considering engaging Idaho in this lawsuit, Little is groveling before the radical right. When he’s not endorsing the madness, he is begging people to wear masks and get vaccinated.

Further heaping contradiction upon contradiction, the governor wears his fiscal conservatism suit to work every day, but is OK with throwing taxpayer money at a lawsuit that, if successful, will ensure that a lot more Idahoans will suffer or die.

Many people who got COVID-19 complained of brain fog. Clearly, Little has COVID brain, even if its cause is purely political. His is the wrong move at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

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