Summer isn’t the only time of year when the Sun Valley area offers a feast of pursuits. Part-time residents and visitors who love summer should broaden their scope to include spending time in the area in other seasons as well.

Summer in the mountains is short, but the other seasons are no less attractive for people who love it here. Outside of summer, the pace is slightly slower, but the food, entertainment and outdoor activities are still superb. It’s a time to forge real and lasting connections with the area.

The Wagon Days Parade tomorrow will cap a season that includes incredible numbers of musical and theater performances, lectures and art exhibits.

When the Big Hitch and its enormous mule team do the run from Sun Valley through Ketchum, it binds everyone watching on the route a little closer to the past. It roots them more firmly in this spectacular place.

However, the valley doesn’t close up shop when the parade is over. People who assume so miss a lot.

No matter the season, valley organizations provide entertainment and intellectual

enrichment year-round. There’s always some-

thing to do, and until the snow arrives, the trails are open for hiking and biking.

As fall slides into winter, only the outdoor pursuits change from hiking, biking and horseback riding to alpine and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The Wood River Trail is packed for both skiing and walking. Residents and visitors simply have to exchange hiking boots for ski boots.

Nonskiers shouldn’t worry. If someone can walk, they can snowshoe trails that are packed out for this very sport.

Sun Valley doesn’t disappear. Neither should you. Come back. You’ll be glad you did.

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