As of press time, Idaho was one of the few states that hasn’t registered a case of the COVID-19 virus, which is spreading around the world like wildfire. There is no safety in that. The only things that offer safety now include changes in personal hygiene and social habits.

There is no safety in the fact that an estimated 80 percent of those who contract the virus may have only mild symptoms. Researchers have found that some people with no symptoms may be positive for the virus and still spread it.

The 20 percent, or 1 in 5 persons, who may experience serious illness from the virus are our families, friends, neighbors and visitors. No one wants to be the person that infects them.

With a vaccine to combat the virus likely months away, the only way to slow the virus is to alter our personal behaviors now. Doing so is far easier than leaving government with no choice but to take draconian measures like travel lockdowns and citywide or regionwide quarantines.

In the Sun Valley area, slowing any spread is particularly important so that our health care workers, clinics and hospital facilities are not overwhelmed by virus victims and can fulfill their mission of treating the seriously ill.

Information on how to stem the spread of the virus can be found on Page 2 of today’s edition as well as online at The newspaper will also update its web page periodically with links to reliable sources for information.

Health experts also say it’s important for individuals to help their own immune systems to fend off the virus by getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet.

So, be smart. With everyone on board, we can ride out COVID-19.

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