It’s time to set aside frustration, if only for a few minutes at a time. It’s time to look up and look out at our famous Sun Valley blue skies and sparkling snow.

It’s time to appreciate where we are on this spinning planet.

The global pandemic has made everyone a little crazy, and it’s no wonder that Idaho can seem like Crazy Central.

Idaho shouted, “Come and get it!” for COVID-19 vaccines that it turns out it doesn’t have. So, nearly everyone over the age of 65 who just qualified to get a vaccine is tearing out their hair because they can’t get a date to get a shot.

With cases dipping and pandemic deniers nipping at his heels, Gov. Brad Little eased restrictions and raised limits on gatherings to 50 or fewer people, with exemptions for school gatherings that comply with rules set up by the Idaho State Board of Education or other gatherings approved by the local health district.

Enforcement went unaddressed.

This is what passes for good planning and good sense in Idaho.

So, when the frustration at seeing all this nonsense gets to be too much, everyone lucky enough to be spending the pandemic in the Sun Valley area needs to take a mental timeout.

The mountains around us, the skiing on Baldy and our extensive winter trail system can save our mental health. Every ray of sunshine reflected from an icy crystal of snow can inspire a little happiness.

Share that happiness with frontline workers who make it possible for everyone to live and visit here safely. Share it with others by smiling behind the masks and unmistakably communicating the feeling of gratitude.

Graciousness and gratitude could be more contagious than any virus, more contagious than frustration. They could make everyone a little happier as we slog with the world through a winter of discontent.

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