Big helpings of science haven’t convinced enough Americans to get vaccinated to beat back the scourge of COVID-19 coronavirus.

What science can’t do, fright might.

Compelling marketing campaigns helped the nation beat smoking-related diseases. The most attention-grabbing included video of people who had smoked.

Images of weak and withered people tethered to oxygen tanks and able to talk only by blocking a hole in their necks and using an electrolarynx were enough to obliterate most defenses of smoking.

The fight against COVID needs the same kind of kick.

No one sees the agony that precedes deaths from COVID except medical professionals and family members—all inside the walls of hospitals.

Some newscasts have shown interviews with unvaccinated people before they died. Many express regrets about the pain they cause their families and encourage others to get vaccinated. That’s all good. However, the best gift they could give to the world is video of their last days.

COVID suffocates its victims. It fills the lungs of otherwise healthy people with fluid that stops oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.

Medical staffers say that dying from COVID is like drowning. Victims gasp for air and froth at the mouth. The body struggles mightily. Delirious with fever, victims sometimes try to rip out their own breathing tube.

This description is scary, but live-streaming COVID deaths would get more people to weigh the risks and benefits of vaccines

A good dose of fright could be the cure for the pandemic that we need.

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