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Tents under urban overpasses, on sidewalks and vacant lots have become as much a part of urban landscapes as concrete and steel. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Sun Valley is having one of the best starts for winter it has seen in decades with pre-Thanksgiving snows hugging Bald Mountain like icing hugs a cake—with manmade sprinkles on top.

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Thanksgiving 2022 offers a better than average opportunity to be grateful. To be truly thankful requires acknowledging that one is not fully in control of what is received. Humility is something Americans are not especially good at, but this holiday reminds us that we should be.

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The U.S. Senate and House members and state legislators who will be seated in January should make it a top priority to make government boring again.

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Democracy won last week, or at least the officials who will make democracy possible. National coverage wasn’t always focused on the crazies running for things like secretary of state and attorney general. Fortunately, voters were.

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America First” supporters might believe they will no longer have to worry about the rest of the world if Republicans prevail in next week’s election. That sentiment is likely to be exploded by the realities of a globe that is irreversibly interconnected.

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Election endorsements are a tradition at the Idaho Mountain Express. We do what we hope every other voter does: read news accounts of campaigns, examine candidate websites and see candidates in action in local and televised debates.

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As the mid-term election draws near, the conclusion of columnists and talking heads around the country seems to be that inflation and the economy are the top issues that voters are thinking about. They say so because polls say so. Consequently, candidates and commentators are treating them l…

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The constitutional amendment that Idaho voters are being asked to approve in this year’s election looks like it would simply clear out some legal cobwebs.

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In April, threats by a Missouri legislator to have librarians criminally penalized for approving the purchase of an early reader book titled “I Need a New Butt” seemed the dismissible rant of the language police. In November, book banning has metastasized into a force that threatens the very…

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Blaine County is about to receive $2.1 million from a program set up by the America Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The county should use all of the money to develop housing for local workers.

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When the American democracy was founded, elections replaced violence as a means of gaining power, at least within the new nation. All agreed that in this new political system, the authority to govern, to make and enforce the rules, would be freely accepted and freely relinquished according t…

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When Hurricane Ian drowned the small islands of Sanibel, Captiva and Pine islands in Florida, it became the wind-and-rain version of The Big One. Unless policymakers engage in hard conversations about the real costs that climate change is going to extract, Ian won’t keep that title for long.

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Ontario, Ore., which lies just 57 miles and one hour from Boise, has a dozen stores that sell cannabis products. Anyone who thinks that Idaho is cannabis-free or that it should try to remain so is breathing thin air.

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To the uninitiated, it’s a mystery why several thousand people gather every October to watch a few thousand sheep push and shove and stroll down Ketchum’s Main Street.

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In Iran, which the United States labels as a terrorist state, people have taken to the streets to demand freedom from dictatorial repression. Women around the world are speaking out in solidarity. Americans should express support, too.