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Gwen Raney

This cartoon is a disgrace but comes to no surprise. I personally find most of what is printed in the Mt. Express opinionated and not journalism. The Bluebird Village project has elevated much concern regarding our City government process because it is being forced onto the community. The sheer numbers of people opposing this project should inform the City but so far they are sticking to their perception of affordable housing and no one else's. Negative comments fall on deaf ears and no concern is expressed for the consequences a project like Bluebird will have on the surrounding owners. Why should a building be allowed that does not provide adequate and fully enclosed parking which will impact a neighbor with excessive noise and pollution? Why should a building the size of Bluebird, one that will dominate Ketchum's core and alter it's small town mountain feel forever be acceptable? Why should an out of state developer reap the benefit of City owned land? Why should a project like Solstice that is smaller than Bluebird be denied simply because it doesn't comply with Ketchum's planning directors perception of "intent"? With regards to parking, Ketch One and Two were built with no parking, 18 units with 30 cars. When the City Council approved these two buildings they considered them an experiment, go ask the neighbors how that is working out for them. Our City government is failing Ketchum on many levels and should not be tolerated.


Has the IME done ANY analysis of Bluebird. Has anyone from the IME looked at the plans for Bluebird? The the parking study that uses numbers from big cities and didnt even bother to count the cars at Northwoods (where they have parking) or Ketch !/II (where they don't)? Has anyone from the IME figured out the cost per unit of housing at Bluebird? Has anyone at the IME done any analysis of who is eligible to live at Bluebird? Has the IME done any analysis of the sheer mass of Bluebird in the context of where it is being built? Has anyone at the IME looked at how much money a for-profit, out of state developer is going to make on Bluebird? Has anyone at the IME looked at Mr Dunfield's quote in your own paper about the impact of worker housing built near his own condo in Sun Valley (at no taxpayer expense). Has anyone at the IME looked at the value of the City Hall site and what could be done with that money? Does anyone at the IME do any .... journalism? We know you hate rich people and second homeowners; got that. Got that you hate the people who pay the taxes that support the schools, the bike paths, the art centers, free concerts etc--all the things that you use in Ketchum.