As the owner of a business in downtown Ketchum and other locations in the Wood River Valley, I strongly support the development of Bluebird Village.

Bluebird Village will provide nearly all the parking necessary for residents on site. There will be 49 parking spaces for the 56-unit development. Based on the car ownership rate of the residents at Northwood Place, a similar workforce housing development eight blocks away, not everyone will own cars. You can see how Bluebird will affect parking downtown in the study at or request the study from the city of Ketchum.

There are far more than 38 businesses in Ketchum and many of us are struggling to find and keep employees. In the last five months, I have had six new hires turn down jobs at my business because they can’t find housing. Five of the six hires were looking specifically for housing like Bluebird, and not all would have owned a car and most would have walked to work, reducing stress on other parking areas of town.

Cries over parking problems are not based on the data and analysis of the proposed Bluebird Village, and the crisis our community is facing over housing for workers needs to be corrected to preserve our “real town” ethos. Bluebird Village is a step in the right direction—Ketchum is for everyone!

Paul Holle

Owner, Sawtooth Brewery

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