The results of the votes in the U.S. House and Senate are in. Idaho’s entire congressional delegation opposed the Inflation Reduction Act, whi… Read more

Idaho Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo voted against the interests of Idahoans when they opposed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed by the… Read more

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Political newspaper pundit Jim Jones has lectured Republicans for years about the need for unity. No one in the GOP could have imagined that Jim’s definition of “unity” was to join hands with and then bear hug the Idaho Democrat Party. Jones's decision to leave the party and orchestrate the …

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It seems that some extreme Republicans want to take away democrats right to vote for the representatives of their choice.

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Decisions on how many children to have are deeply personal. That’s why it is disturbing that Representative Mike Simpson recently voted against guarantees for women—and families—to have consistent access to effective birth control, regardless of where they live in the nation.

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Ketchum’s trial balloon proposing the conversion of Forest Service Park into worker housing is a what’s-wrong-with-this-picture proposal.

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Copper, a vital metal for electrification, is of key importance to an all-electric future. Solar and wind power, electric vehicles, and the infrastructure to transport renewable energy all rely on the red metal. Countries across the globe have set goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net…

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Why would a religious, conservative, anti-federal-interference state support abortion rights, gay marriage rights, and equal rights for women? Because it’s Utah and Utah, perhaps ironically, understands separation of church and state.

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On behalf of the three Democratic candidates from District 26, we would like to express our thanks to the Blaine County Democrats for hosting a grand opening get together at our new headquarters. The Committee Officers, Karen Bliss, Janie Davidson, Andrea Nelson, Pedro Manuel Miramontes Orti…

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In the July 13 edition of the Idaho Mountain Express, an article titled “State reports gains in early reading proficiency” stated that “68.2% of Idaho’s kindergarten through grade three students were at a proficient reading level this past spring.” And, “According to the most recent statisti…

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As I walked the trail this morning I was greeted by the vibrant blue sky, white clouds and the green of the forest and hills. In my breathing I could feel my wealth. Seeing the beauty, smelling the morning air, moving my body all permeated me. As I consciously engaged my senses I was flooded…

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It’s not always easy living in the rural West, with customs so entrenched that everybody takes them for granted. What makes it hard for the newest newcomers is that they’re caught up in a mysterious culture.

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Last year, two of the biggest players in the short-term rental industry promised to deal with the disruption their customers were inflicting on communities across the country. People in the greater Orlando area—which represents the industry’s No. 1 destination for family groups and topped se…