W. Guy Fiscus M.D., “Guy,” passed away Feb. 13, 2020. He was 84 years old and died peacefully in the presence of close family members. He was in hospice care at the beautiful Terraces of Boise in Boise, Idaho.

Guy was born in Oklahoma City, Okla., in 1935. Guy graduated from Oklahoma A&M College (now Oklahoma State University) in 1957 and top of his class at the Baylor College of Medicine in 1961. He did an internship at Duke University Medical School in 1962. His research at National Institute of Health was studying a cancer enzyme that periodically connected him with a Russian scientist working on the same enzyme.

He is survived by his wife, Josie Arias, and her children, Renée Kline, with her husband Andrew Shaber, and daughter, Alyssa, and Michael Kline and his son, Kyle. Guy is also survived by his sister, Onita Asbury, and her sons, Tom, Rich and Jim Asbury. Guy is survived by sons Dan, Michael and Steven Fiscus and their families—Dan’s wife, Tracy Behan, and children Bailey Goldman, Sean and Cole and Bailey’s husband, Jeff Goldman; Michael’s wife, Laura and their son, Benjamin; Steven’s wife, Marta, and their sons, Adron and Julian. Guy’s great-granddaughters are Bailey Goldman’s daughters, Amelia and Fiona. Guy and Josie’s dog, Bella, has been Guy’s loving and faithful furry friend.

Guy practiced internal medicine in Cumberland, Md., from 1972 until 1998. Later in his career he was very active working with patients and colleagues in hospice care, one of the few doctors to visit patients in the home. After retiring from medical practice in Cumberland, Guy and Josie tried to retire in Bellevue, Idaho. Guy was not ready for retirement and chose to work for the Indian Health Services, which he found highly rewarding at several locations, including his favorites in Browning, Mont., and Supai Village, Ariz.

Memorial information is available online at guyfiscus.com/memorial-events.