Teddie Daley, a stalwart of the Wood River Valley, died on April 15, 2021.

Teddie’s sister and online crosswords competitor Mikki (Mavourneen) died a few years back. Living on are her brother, Iain (Dennis the Menace) Karroll; her strange and/or wonderful spouse, Frank Daley; and her devoted son, Robert (Rob) Daley.

Teddie’s entire soul and most of her life were intractably linked to the Wood River Valley and its current and past residents. Her artistic talents, sparkling personality and extensive knowledge of local history brought joy, smiles and insight to her many friends, countless customers and people from around the globe who visited the Blaine County Historical Museum when Teddie was on duty to enthusiastically interpret and improve the exhibits there.

Teddie’s life and work had a profound impact on her granddaughters, Dani and Jess, by exemplifying the values of independence, community celebration and service, and speaking up for what they believe in. Teddie’s stuffed mushrooms and all-day marinara were particularly enjoyed by family and guests. She loved to learn about everyone she met and make them feel at home, whether they were meeting for the first time or visiting the Daleys’ very special “House at Pooh Corner” out Warm Springs. Her local volunteerism was epic and lasted clear through her 80 years of life! We’ll all miss our Teddie!

Contributions in memory of Teddie can be made any time to the Blaine County Historical Museum and/or Hospice and Palliative Care of the Wood River Valley.