Susan Sturges was born on Dec. 12, 1957, and passed away on Oct. 27, 2019, in her new home in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

She was the loving mother of Kyna Rose Sturges and Keaton Coyle Sturges. She was married to Blair Coyle Sturges for 43 years. Susan had four sisters and two brothers: Roseanne Ziegler, Lloyd Ziegler, Shirley Ziegler, John Ziegler, Pat May and Helen Ziegler. Susan was preceded in death by her mother, Mary Rose Ziegler, and her brother, Lloyd Ziegler. Her father, Earnest Ziegler, lives in Sacramento, Calif.

In 1980, Susan and Blair decided to move the family and start a new life in Idaho, where their friend Gary Sady had moved during his baseball career. This enabled the Sady family and Sturges family to raise Kyna, Keaton and Gary’s two kids, Kayo and Nikole, together. They were lifelong friends to Gary until his death in Hailey, Idaho, in 2011.

Susan was an exceptional mother and friend to many people. She raised her children in the Rocky Mountains in Idaho. Susan worked at Gurney’s Restaurant and later at Coast to Coast Hardware in Hailey, Idaho, in her early years there. In 1989, Susan started work for Horizon/Alaska Air. She was a general agent at the Sun Valley-Hailey airport and transferred to the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in Coos Bay/North Bend in the early 2000s. Susan, Blair, Kyna, Keaton and many friends built a home in Coos Bay called Fish Camp. All friends and family were welcomed to the house in Oregon and they enjoyed fishing, crabbing and beach combing on the coast. When Horizon/Alaska Air pulled out of North Bend/Coos Bay, Susan transferred to the Boise Airport and worked in cargo for Alaska Air and helped Kyna finish her schooling for dental hygiene. Susan retired from Alaska Air after 27 years of service.

She was an exceptionally caring human being. During her life, she enabled three of her family members to pass away in their home. First Rose Sturges, then several years later Spec Sturges died peacefully in Susan’s arms. Later on, during a leave of absence from work, Susan took care of Mary Rose Ziegler, her mother, until her death in her home in Sacramento, Calif.

Susan, known lovingly as Mama Suz, welcomed all that came to her home as her children grew up in Bellevue, Idaho. Warm food and laughter was one of the main staples that greeted all when coming to Susan’s place. Her last six years were spent in Los Barriles, Mexico, where she welcomed all and was known to many people, considered to be “orphans,” as Mama Suz. She was able to welcome a whole new group of people into her life. She was loved by a large group of people in Baja. She loaned money to many in need and gave of herself without thought of payback. Susan made innumerable friends and will be terribly missed by many.

She loved to travel and use her flight benefits extensively. Many, many people were recipients of her “buddy passes.” At the time of her death, she was planning to travel to see her lifelong friend Jeanine Estrada and her husband, Dan, in Sacramento and was continuing on to Idaho to visit with Kyna and Keaton.

Susan’s spirit lives on through her many friends and family. Her light shines on, and throughout the universe.