Something broke up in heaven and needed to be fixed right away. The only one that could fix it was called upstairs to his workshop for the last time on April 25, 2019.

Kirk Leslie Smith, known to many as Captain Kirk, passed away after a brief illness and will be missed dearly by friends and foes alike. His most recent employment was as a handyman—a Jack-of-all-trades, Mr. fix-it that kept the wheels greased at the

Casino Bar on Main Street for what seemed to be a hundred years.In actuality, Kirk was born to Keith and Marlene Smith (currently of Twin Falls, Idaho) on the last day of November in 1955 in Sun Valley, Idaho. A true local, he spent his youth climbing the mountains and fishing the streams in the beautiful wilderness that most of us get to call home. Kirk spent his formative years studying at the schools of the Wood River Valley before joining the U.S. Air Force. After four years as a certified munitions mechanic, he returned to Idaho to work for the Sun Valley Co. as the projector operator in the Opera House.

After viewing the film “It Happened in Sun Valley” over 4,000 times, he decided that he had to give up the all-you-could-eat free popcorn and turned to his skills as a handyman. He worked as the chief maintenance man for many commercial buildings on Main Street, including Slavey’s. But the Casino had the most comfortable stools, so he eventually moved in. Seriously. He refurbished a room in the building and built a workshop to be envied. As a collector of “stuff,” there was hardly any room to move in the shop, but Kirk made due. He will be remembered for his knack for fixing just about anything. He loved it when something broke, just so he could repair it.

Kirk was a fixture for years in the Black Jack Ketchum Shootout and when nothing was in need of repair, Kirk loved watching old Western movies and having spirited conversations about the meaning of life and such with friends. There wasn’t a mean-spirited bone in his body, but he did hate vegetables and text messages.

Besides his parents, Kirk is survived by his two sisters, Tammy (Nelson) and Roxanne (Anderson).

A celebration of Kirk’s life will be held at the Casino in Ketchum on Saturday, May 11, at 3 p.m. Drop by for a drink to celebrate this legend. Vegetables optional