Kianna J. Hansen (aka Ninners, Keeks, Kiki, Sweet Cheeks), age 25, peacefully passed into the arms of her creator, with her momma by her side, and the many loving souls anticipating her arrival, on April 5, 2020. Most of her closest family members were able to spend the previous day sharing love and honoring the incredible young lady whom they all adored.

Kianna was born in Hailey, Idaho, on Jan. 10, 1995. She was a bright light from the very start. Her breath of love and happiness washed over anyone who was lucky enough to meet her and receive the rare gift that only she could give. When seizures surfaced in January of 2017, genetic testing was performed and revealed she had been born with a degenerative genetic condition, atypical Rett syndrome. Gratefully, her condition was a mild form and allowed her an amazing 22 years of life before her decline began. Kianna had a lot of fans—throughout the valley—and in many surrounding states. Her love reached all the way to Belize, where she gained a whole new family who loved her.

Kianna’s beautiful smile, dancing baby blues and boisterous laugh never went unnoticed. She always brought out the best in people. Her merry prankster self and her sense of humor were truly one of a kind! Some favorites: “Kianna, what time is it?” “Time for you to get a watch.” “Kianna, you are really flirty today, what’s up?” “I have been watching too much Kardashians.” And the list goes on.

She loved making videos on her iPad of her singing, and riding her bike more than anything else. But she also enjoyed making art, skiing, swimming, horseback riding, traveling and spending time with her family, friends and neighbors. She loved attending Voice 2 and Higher Ground with her besties, especially Nathan, and working with all of the lovelies at Little River Preschool. She really enjoyed following Jimmy around his shop, bringing him his daily mail and playfully repeating his questions back to him.

Kianna loved riding her bike around delivering cards and notes for whomever she had made them for that day. She loved her Lou dog, and he loved her. Their favorite game was when she hid his treats around the house and then sent him searching for them. Over the past several months, he awaited her special ringtone for the daily FaceTime visits with her momma. He would jump up and run straight to the treat cupboard and she would watch him gobble them up.

She is survived by her mother, Lori; sister, Sierra; grandpa, Steve, and grandma, Lisa; her aunts, uncles and cousins; and the many that remain on this earth who love her.

A celebration of life will be announced at a later date when gatherings are once again allowed.

“Knowing and loving each one of you was the success story of my life. We will meet again, joyfully, on the other side. May you always remember that obstacles in the path are not obstacles. they are the path.”