Nov. 6, 1944, to April 16, 2020

Corey was born in Seattle, Wash., and graduated from Bellevue High in 1962.

He was a legend in the ski industry, beginning in 1963 with the Sun Valley Ski School and spending the ’60s in Sun Valley as an instructor for the stars. It was during this time that he developed his signature move, the full layout flip, when not hot-dogging down Baldy or being featured in Warren Miller and Dick Barrymore films.

In 1972 Corey began work as the director of skiing in Snowbird, Utah, until 1985. He then left the ski industry to pursue his lifelong love of art. His final years were spent in the Bozeman, Mont., area, where he passionately pursued his artwork.

He is survived by his brother, Chuck, and nephew, Troy.

Corey once soared with eagles; may his spirit soar eternally with God. Rest in peace, bro.