Born on October 10,1920 in southeast Iowa, Gilbert "Tommy" Farr spent his adolescent years in Eureka, Illinois. He graduated in 1938 and then attended one year at Eureka College.

In June of 1940 Tommy enlisted in the Army Air Corps to attend Aircraft Mechanics School at Rantout, Illinois. Early in 1942 he was accepted for flight training, graduating from Kelly Field Advanced Training School as a Staff Sergeant Pilot and was assigned to the 46th Bomb Group at Blythe, California. to fly Douglas A-20 twin engine attack planes.

In January of 1943 the Group was sent to Liverpool, England. After minimal training they began bombing targets in France, Belgium, Holland and Western Germany.

A few weeks after D-Day, they were returned to the US and given 30 days leave, during which the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, and the war was over.

On October 6, 1945, he married Janet Monilaw, whom he had met more than a year and a half earlier.

After release from the Army Air Corp, Tommy went back to college, and graduated from the College at Grinnell, Iowa, followed by a year of Graduate Work in Wildlife Management at the University of Wyoming at Laramie.

In 1950 he accepted an offer to teach Science and Math at Salmon, Idaho. We spent the next 6 years at Salmon and during each summer he worked for the USDA, Forest Service, mostly on the Salmon National Forest, doing fire fighting and timber work.

In 1956 he took the Federal Employment entrance exam and in 1957 began work with Lester Gutzman on the Copper Creek District, as administrator of the Idaho Primitive area, with lots of horse days as transportation and a mule string as a suitcase.

In early 1996 he and Jan moved to Pocatello, where he was assigned to the Caribou National Forest, as the administrator of the Pocatello Ranger District. While at Pocatello, with access to the Pocatello airport so close, Tommy took up flying again after being ground-bound since 1945. Earning his Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating, single and multi engine land, single engine sea ratings, and Flight Instructor Rating which he used to teach others to fly.

In July of 1971, he was offered the job of District Ranger on the Ketchum Ranger District on the Sawtooth National Forest, where he enjoyed the years working in the administration of the Sun Valley Ski Area permit and in the development of many recreation trails and programs.

Retirement from Federal employment came on his birthday in 1980, but Tommy was still able to continue his love of flying. With another World War II pilot, he founded White Clouds Aviation, chartering air flights out of Hailey, Idaho, and eventually selling the company to Sun Valley Aviation but he continued to fly for that company until late 1988.

Beginning in 1985, at the encouragement of his longtime friend, Harvey King, Tommy became involved with motorcycle touring, covering thousands of miles mostly on the western states' secondary roads. He continued to ride until the age of 95.

Janet and Tommy built their retirement home in Bellevue, ID. in 1980, and for many years they were able to travel throughout the West, until Janet’s death in 2009.

Surviving Tommy is his brother Charles Edwin Farr of Iowa.

A memorial celebrating the life of Tommy Farr will be at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 18, 2021 at the Senior Connection, 721 Third Ave. South, Hailey, ID 83333 for family and close friends.

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