Donald Styles ‘Mote’ Carley

Donald Styles “Mote” Carley passed away peacefully in his home in Ketchum (his paradise) with his wife Catherine at his side. Mote was born in Spokane, Washington, in 1927, but moved to Boise at a young age and graduated from Boise High School, University of Idaho and the Thunderbird School of International Management. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he had a long career in the food industry working for Mountain States Wholesale, A&P Foods and his own company, Vendredi Company. His career included food distribution within the mountain states, to exporting U.S. food products to the Middle East, to importing food products from Australia, Chile, China, and Europe to the U.S. He was often a step ahead of the industry standard.

Mote was a creative, romantic and a renaissance man for sure. He excelled in all of his personal interests, including tennis, shooting, skiing, cooking, reading, gardening, and socializing. Mote read constantly over a wide variety of subjects, but history was his preferred read. He retained an unusual amount of the material he read, which made for an exceptional companion to discuss a multitude of subjects while preparing a gourmet meal in his kitchen.

His family meant everything to him. Mote was preceded in death by his oldest son, David; his sister, June; his mother, June; and his father. Mote is survived by his youngest son, Clay (Jan); his grandsons, Reid (Boise, Idaho) and Christian (Boulder, Colorado); his two granddaughters, Adria Pincock (Derby, Kansas) and Doni Carley (Portland, Oregon); and his siblings, Carolyn, John, and Sue; and his wife, Catherine (Ketchum, Idaho); her son, Marshall Rawlings; her daughter, Ashley Anderson (Curt Anderson); and her grandchildren, Jack Anderson, Peter Anderson, and Cameron Rawlings.

While much more could be written about Mote’s life, he frequently commented on the obituary section by saying, “Too long.” So, in the spirit of Mote’s preference this will end here.