Candice Rosenberg Populus, “Candy Jr.,” was born in Seattle, Wash., where her heart will always lie. She was a Seattle girl forever. She loved her Huskies and Seahawks just like her father, Leslie, who passed away from COVID this April. Candy attended the Bush School and again followed in her father’s footsteps by attending Franklin High School. She had a wild quick stint at UNLV, and then settled into real estate for several years before finding her passion as a para educator. Her doting grandparents, Maxine and Herman Blumenthal, instilled in her a sense of obligation to Seattle philanthropy. She loved to work with Poncho for the arts and was involved in ARCS (Achievement Rewards of College Scientists), of which her grandmother was a founding member. 

In 2005, Candy married Ernest Populus in Maui, Hawaii. Together they had one son, Ernest Gabriel, “Gabe.” They divorced, but still held the most love for each other and their beloved son. 

Although she lived and breathed football, her son was her world, who she hoped will be a football player someday. She was so proud of her “gentle giant.” She loved to bring him to Sun Valley and watch him ski and find a love for nature as well as spend time with her adoring sister, Brandelyn Maxine Rosenberg, “Brandy.” 

Candice, who was known as Candy Jr., little Cand, Sissy, Junior and C.J., was full of life and fun. She loved her family and cared about tradition and family legacy. She was tall and beautiful with the softest skin and she was born with lips to die for and loved to lather them with lip gloss. She was passionate, protective, quick-witted, hilarious and truly ONE-OF-A-KIND. She was the sweetest soul and would cry every time she watched “Sixteen Candles.” 

Candy was preceded in death by her father, Leslie Rosenberg; her aunt, Lynn Blumenthal; her grandmother Eleanor Veronica Anderson and grandfather Roland Anderson, “Andy”; and her grandparents Herman and Maxine Blumenthal.

Candy is survived by her mother, Candice Rosenberg Peterson; her stepfather, Barry Peterson; her son, Ernest Gabriel Populus; her sister, Brandelyn Maxine Rosenberg; her stepsister, Katherine Peterson; and her stepbrothers, Robert Reed Peterson and Alan Beamon. She is also survived by her uncle, Peter Rosenberg, and aunts, Kathy Murphy, Cathy Campo and Sandy Moss. 

The family will hold a small private graveside ceremony at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020, in the Ketchum Cemetery. Family and friends are invited to share memories and photos and light a candle at