Alvis Auseklis

On April 2, 2023 at 12:11 a.m., my father, Alvis Eduards Auseklis (“Al”) moved on to greener pastures and steeper mountains. He was born in September of 1932. He was preceded in death by his son, Alex; his sister, Aija; and his brother, Andy. He is survived by his daughter, Anna; his wife, Nancy; and his sisters, Kristine and Rita.

My dad lived beyond words. Yes, he was a husband, a father, a coach, an award-winning marksman, a ski-racer, a soldier, and a business-owner, but mostly my father lived quietly but loudly, and always by his own rules. He earned respect with his calm aura and strength of character. My father experienced bombs while escaping from Latvia at the end of WWII, lived in a displaced persons camp in Germany while awaiting stateside sponsorship, drove a tank as a soldier during the Korean War, lost his father at a young age. You would never know because he was unendingly positive and had a belief in this world that most people in his position would never have.

On October 17, 1964, he married my mother, Nancy Sise Auseklis, after they had met on the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado, him as ski patrol and her recovering from a broken leg. This marriage lasted happily until his death. I have honestly never met two people more meant for each other than my mother and father. They created a business together, raised a family, shared sports and coaching and loved each other in a quiet but real way.

In 1968 my parents moved from Aspen, Colorado, to Kalispell, Montana. There they raised a family, had their own business, ski raced, coached, hiked, biked and generally changed the landscape of the valley. My father introduced youth soccer to Kalispell, but was also humble enough to step back from the leadership role when needed.

1999 brought a move to Sun Valley, Idaho after selling their business and home in Kalispell. Al and Nancy moved to Sun Valley to have easy access to skiing and, therefore, ski racing. Although they already had friends in the valley, my father developed new friendships that fostered a competitive tennis foursome once a week. My father was an original and he will be remembered as such. Alvis Auseklis, was funny, charming and very much adored. We miss you deeply.

Donations in his name to Wood River Hospice would be greatly appreciated.