The Wood River Land Trust opened a new short hiking trail in the Simons-Bauer Preserve west of Hailey at the mouth of Croy Canyon. The new access to open space is adjacent to the Hailey Greenway just beyond the Draper Preserve on Croy Canyon Road.

The quarter-mile Simons-Bauer Loop is located west of Lions Park and can be accessed at the north side of the ballpark, under cottonwood trees. The trail leads west for about 100 yards and turns north through a field to Croy Canyon Road, across the street from the popular Carbonate Trail Head.

Hikers can create a loop by picking up the existing footpath that returns to the north end of Lions Park.

The trail cuts only a short way into the 118-acre Simons Bauer Preserve and skirts a wetland area to the south rich in biodiversity, including beavers and muskrats and many species of birds.

“Waterfowl are nesting this time of year, and the elk are still utilizing the wetland for wintering grounds,” Wood River Land Trust Executive Director Scott Boettger said. “Please keep your dog on a leash while you are enjoying the trails on the north side of the creek.”

The Land Trust is working on detailed plans for connecting boardwalks and paths with the rest of the Hailey Greenway while expanding opportunities for cycling and biking, according to a press release.

“The Land Trust looks forward to getting the community's comments on the long-term vision for the preserve,” it said.

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