5B Plates Vandalism

Twin Falls P.D. reports no cases of vandalism against cars with Blaine County plates.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Twin Falls police say they have not received any reports of Blaine County cars getting vandalized there since the outbreak of COVID-19.

As the novel coronavirus has spread through the Wood River Valley, so too have rumors and fears expressed on social media about cars with 5B license plates falling victim to keying and other sorts of vandalism in Twin Falls parking lots.

But zero reports of 5B car vandalisms have been filed with Twin Falls police since mid-March, when the first cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Idaho and Blaine County, according to department spokesman Lt. Craig Stotts.

Twenty-one cases of vandalism were reported in Twin Falls between March 15 and the end of April, including damage to cars, buildings and other structures. The only cars that were reported vandalized had Twin Falls plates and Jerome County plates, Stotts said.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no Blaine County cars were vandalized in Twin Falls during that time. But it does mean that no Blaine County residents have called the police to report the vandalism—something Stotts encouraged any possible victims to do.

“I hope if they’re down here in Twin and they notice that damage that they do call and report it to us,” he said.

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