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Sun Valley and Ketchum will pitch in over $1 million to Mountain Rides in fiscal 2022, making up about 80% of total expected contributions from the organization’s local partners. Blaine County will contribute $180,000; Hailey, $82,000; and Bellevue, $8,000.

Mountain Rides Transportation Authority will seek a 26% increase in funding from its local partners starting next month, bringing city and county contributions up to par with pre-pandemic figures.

Board members on Wednesday approved a total funding request of about $1.35 million for fiscal 2022, which starts Oct. 1. Contributions will stream in from Blaine County and the cities of Ketchum, Sun Valley, Hailey and Bellevue.

Of this year’s funding request of $1,347,000, roughly 52% percent will come from Ketchum, 29% from Sun Valley, 13% from Blaine County, 6% from Hailey and 0.5% from Bellevue.

Sun Valley Resort will contribute an additional $215,000.

For fiscal 2021, Mountain Rides sought $1,072,000 from local jurisdictions, a 25% dip compared to fiscal year 2020 due to city and county budget constraints related to the pandemic.

In fiscal 2022, Mountain Rides’ budget will surpass $10 million, with a significant percentage coming from federal grants. Its operating budget is set at $3.64 million, with more than 70% of that coming from federal grants, while its capital budget is set at $6.68 million with $5.26 million from federal grants.

Some capital budget priorities heading into 2022 include purchasing seven battery-electric buses and installing new charging infrastructure, according to Executive Director Wally Morgus.

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